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UNITED EUROPE-HOLDING Co. is active in every segment of the perfumery and cosmetics market and offers its partners a wide range of value added services: marketing, logistics, storage and storage support, financing and investments, IT-services.


16 branches cover the entire Russian Federation; each of them has the same governance structure as the HQ Office. Over 200 distributors maintain more than 9,000 points of sale.

UNITED EUROPE-HOLDING Co. actively cooperates with the leading specialised chains of perfumery and cosmetics stores: ILE DE BEAUTE, Douglas, Stockmann and others. With its 12%-share of selective perfumery market and 15%-share of decorative cosmetics market the Company is one of the leading distributors in Russia.

Key contributors to our success are:

  • professional expertise and strong market position;
  • extended regional structure;
  • advanced management, marketing, logistics, finance and IT-related technologies;
  • reliable partner relations.

UNITED EUROPE-HOLDING Co. story of foundation

UNITED EUROPE-HOLDING Co. is active in every segment of the perfumery and cosmetics market and offers its partners a comprehensive set of services in distributing perfumery and cosmetic products, in logistics and market consulting.

Our main areas of activity:

  1. Distribution of perfumery and decorative cosmetics
  2. Launching new perfumery and cosmetics brands in the Russian market, localising and supporting them.
  3. Extending logistic services to manufacturers.
  4. Business consulting.

UNITED EUROPE-HOLDING Co. operates in Russia and the CIS countries. The Company was founded in 1992 as one of the first Russian distributors of European perfumery and cosmetic products.

The Company maintains 17 regional offices that employ over 1,500 highly skilled staff.

Comprehensive solutions offered by the Company enable perfumery and decorative cosmetics manufacturers to communicate with their potential customers in a most effective way through a uniform system of sales support that is in place in every town in the Russian Federation.

The Company follows several fundamental principles:

  1. We build customer relations as long-term and partner-based ones. Finding an effective solution to develop each customer’s business is always the Company priority.
  2. The brand mix offered by the Company is a thoroughly weighed business solution capable of supporting sustainable operation.
  3. Management, marketing, logistics, finance and IT-related technologies used by the Company enable it to achieve top sales figures in this trade segment.
  4. Extended regional structure allows us to maintain a wide range of products and supporting promo materials; it enables us to deliver products directly to each of the customer’s stores and to synchronise the launch of new collections and any promo campaigns throughout the network.
  5. The Company staff are highly skilled professionals who possess expertise and vast experience in organising and supporting perfumery and cosmetic product sales.

For over 20 years UNITED EUROPE-HOLDING Co. has been partner of the major national companies; at present, over 2,500 companies, including ILE DE BEAUTE, Douglas, Bosco and others are among its customers.

Distribution brands represented by UNITED EUROPE-HOLDING Co. in the Russian market

Show Room - Small-batch wholesale store

Dear partners,

All products distributed by UNITED EUROPE-HOLDING Co. may be seen by visiting the Show Room at the Company Head Office.

The Show Room holds regular presentations, promotion sales and special campaigns; we invite companies and private businesses to cooperate.

Visit the Show Room at: Building 1, Moskovsky Poselok town, Ulyanovsk Forest Park, Leninsky District, 142784, Moscow Oblast.

Warmest regards,



Vladislav Vedmed

Executive Director, Distribution. Vladislav joined the Company in 2004.

Lidia Makarova

Director, Cosmetics and Semi-Selective Perfumery Department. Lidia joined the Company in 2004.

Marina Semenova

Director, Skincare Department. Marina joined the Company in 2008.

Elena Mironova

Head of Key Account Management Department.