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The new corner of BVLGARI in ARTICOLI, GUM

United-Europe Holding took part in the opening of a new corner of BVLGARI in ARTICOLI in March. Popular bloggers, TV stars and IT-persons visited opening ceremony in GUM.

«The legends and virtues of precious stones have always fascinated me, as has the light that animates them, that embellishes them with dazzling sparkle and colour».

- Master Perfumer of Le Gemme, Daniela Andrier

  1. Le Gemme (Master Perfumer is Daniela Andrier):
      •    Ashlemah – amethyst, gem of harmony and spiritual elevation;
      •    Maravilla – citrine, gem of the Sun;
      •    Noorah – turquoise, nomadic stone of exchange, a talisman protecting travelers;
      •    Lilaia – peridot, the eternal nature renewal;
      •    Calaluna – moonstone , a symbol of femininity;
      •    Amarena - tourmaline, a symbol of love and passion.
2. Le Gemme men (Master Perfumer is Jacques Cavallier):
      •    Tygar – tiger’s eye, it is the symbol of an unrestrainable cosmic ambition;
      •    Malakeos - malachite, malachite has many properties: protecting against lightening, it is said to bring assurance to orators, absorb negative energy and also to stimulate the sense of aesthetics;
      •    Ambero – amber, it is the symbol of energy,
      •    Gyan  - blue sapphire, a symbol of harmony and wisdom;
      •    Garanat - red garnet, a symbol of the passion;
      •    Onekh - black onyx, it symbolizes masculine fertility, embodied by the black silt of the Nile.
3. Le Gemme Orientali (Master Perfumer is Daniela Andrier):
      •    Zahira – imperial topaz, it is the symbol of wisdom and chased away sadness and melancholy, as it is a stone of great charisma, inspiring admiration and respect;
      •    Selima – carnelian, it is the symbol of the heavenly cycle of rebirth or regeneration;
      •    Lazulia - lapis lazuli, it symbolizes majesty and spirituality.  
4. Le Gemme Imperiali (Master Perfumer is Daniela Andrier):
      •    Splendia – green jade, a symbol of life and seduction;
      •    Irina – purest  white  jade, a  symbol  of  purity,  peace  and  ultimate  feminine perfection;
      •    Desiria - purple jade, the exuberant representation of romance and grace.